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Anonymous asked: I'm obsessing over a person and he only exists in the realm of fantasy. Isn't that weird? I obsessively went in like a task force and scoured this man's life!

ah, well i really don’t know what to tell you? i’m so sorry, i’m really bad at giving advice and stuff. but that’s okay, i’m sure we’ve all obsessed over a fictional character at one point or another, so others can relate to what you’re going through. it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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everything-ab0ut-n0thing asked: follow me? please I love johnny and your tumblr <3

i can’t follow from this blog, sorry

Jun 26th
Anonymous asked: Helloooo I want to be an admin :) if you want to know my edit you can send me a pict and ask me to edit it cause I don't have a tumblr :( I used to run lettheworldknows(tumblr) but I forgot the password. Now I am at twitter @deppcutie :)

okay, just edit these and submit them to the blog (i won’t publish them) and i’ll get back to you if i’m interested, thanks :)




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